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Synapsters bring an attitude of fun, flexibility, and fearlessness to an ever-changing array of exciting challenges. At all levels of the organization, Synapsters approach their teams and tasks with the eagerness to learn, sense of humor, friendly attitude, and mutual respect that make working at Synapse as enjoyable as it is rewarding.


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Synapse is a workplace dedicated to pursuing and hiring a diverse workforce and creating an inclusive culture where all voices are heard and valued.

Electrical Engineering

NPI (New Product Introduction)

Software Engineering

Mechanical Engineering



Who we are

Synapse supports an environment of openness and trust where employees work hard to get the job done and still have time to maintain active and meaningful lives.


Synapsters work on creative and cutting-edge product development solutions for the world’s leading companies.
Synapsters find fun in solving hard problems with great coworkers.
Synapsters see the opportunity to be a listener and a leader at every level.
Synapsters have the tenacity to see a product through and don’t mind changing hats for the good of the project.
Synapsters are as comfortable communicating as they are contemplating.
Synapsters understand the value of cross-discipline collaboration to provide stellar client service.



Perks and Benefits

Plenty of Perks

In addition to offering competitive salaries, Synapse provides all qualifying employees with a comprehensive health and wellness benefits package that includes a medical plan with a Health Savings Account (HSA) plus dental, vision, life, and disability programs that support employees’ health, as well as that of their families. Synapse also provides the ability to pay for dependent care expenses with a pre-tax flexible spending account (FSA) and offers an employer-matching 401(k) plan. Synapse supports the daily challenge of getting to work by subsidizing the cost of public transportation and providing bike parking, showers, and lockers to make biking to work easier.

The company offers a flexible work atmosphere, generous personal time off (PTO) and company holidays as well as paid parental leave. The Synapse work environment provides a range of perks for connection and rejuvenation throughout the workday. Depending on location, these may include espresso and coffee stations; soft drinks and snacks; a kegerator and carbonated water dispenser; bike racks; sit/stand desks; and table games.



Synapse’s headquarters in the heart of downtown Seattle maintains many of the hallmarks of the company’s start-up roots.

The dog-friendly open office environment buzzes with activity, and employees are just as likely to solve problems over the ping-pong table as at the white board. With more than one hundred employees at this work site, Seattle Synapsters maintain the traditions of Wednesday Lunch, a weekly catered meal when the entire office comes together to celebrate successes and navigate shared challenges; Beer:30, where Synapsters are welcome to unwind every other Friday afternoon; and a variety of social events in which family and friends are invited to join in on the fun.


San Francisco

Synapse’s San Francisco site offers proximity to transit as well as the amenities of the vibrant SoMa neighborhood with room to expand.

Here, the growing group of about thirty Synapsters balances focus with fun. Wednesday Lunch provides a catered meal to the entire office, as well as a time for employees to celebrate successes and navigate shared challenges. Thursday Active is the office’s opportunity to lift their noses from the grindstone and take part in a range of activities—from bike trips and runs, to museum visits and sporting events, to barbecues and poker tournaments.

Intern With Us

Hands-On Experience

Synapse’s interns assist engineers in designing cool, innovative products for the consumer and industrial spaces, providing support to a multidisciplinary team of software, electrical, mechanical, quality assurance, and new product introduction engineers. Whether assisting an electrical engineer with a schematic design, helping a mechanical engineer with CAD and mechanical drawings, or contributing to a software engineer’s development of embedded firmware and software codebases in C and C++ running on both small microcontrollers and large embedded processors, Synapse interns develop hands-on experience.

Lively Collaboration

Synapse interns participate in lively collaboration, so they are equally comfortable communicating as they are contemplating. They demonstrate the willingness to jump from task to task or even from project to project, sometimes on a daily basis. Synapse interns are always learning—and can even be the ones to teach from time to time: the opportunity to be a listener and a leader exists for Synapsters at every level. Synapse interns approach each challenge with the eagerness to learn, sense of humor, friendly attitude, and mutual respect that make working at Synapse as enjoyable as it is rewarding.

Synapse Values Diversity

Synapse believes that working in a diverse team environment helps drive business success and brings creative solutions to the complex challenges we work on each day. Regardless of role, each Synapster brings a unique perspective drawn from a combination of identity, circumstance, and experience. Synapsters celebrate this diversity of thought and background for the ways in which it strengthens Synapse. This allows Synapse to provide value and expertise to clients, develop rewarding partnerships across roles, and foster a more inclusive organization.


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