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Appliances and Equipment


In an increasingly digital world, users have high expectations for the functionality and connectivity of their appliances and equipment. We work with companies to develop innovative, user-friendly equipment to solve challenging problems and seize significant market opportunities, from delivering individualized service to enabling predictive maintenance.

Devices that safely and productively interact with users and their environment require deep expertise in system design, actuation, sensing and control systems — an ideal application of our multi-disciplinary engineering capabilities.

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Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, and Fluidics

Our expertise in thermodynamics, heat transfer, and fluidics empowers our clients to realize opportunities at the boundary of physical possibility.  Our global team of experts applies advanced design and simulation capabilities and facilities like our microfluidics lab to solve difficult challenges.

We have built some of the world’s most advanced systems—real-time microencapsulation, thermal management for DNA PCR, dry-powder drug delivery, world-class coffee machines, and more.

Machine and Drive System Design

Our mechatronics and machine design experts deliberately conceive holistic architectures for our clients’ devices.  We explore and develop concepts that bring together the right structures, actuators, drives, and other system elements to reliably interact with the physical world and stand up to the abuse of everyday service.

Our expertise spans from miniaturized, low-power systems optimized for cost in consumer electronics, up to large-scale, high-power machines in areas like industrial automation and transportation.

Custom Environmental Sensing

Sensing is fundamental to control of mechatronic systems, and rich environmental and human interactions require advanced sensor development and integration expertise.

Our teams have world-class expertise in optical and vision systems, acoustics, and DSP, which helps us develop novel sensing devices and techniques and get the most out of off-the-shelf sensors.

User Experience and Product Definition

Our expertise in consumer device development naturally extends to the creation of user experiences needed for market differentiation of many appliances and machines.

Custom wireless and mobile device integration, gesture interfaces and anticipation of user needs for zero UI experiences, and mass customization are all features our team can unlock to differentiate the user experience.

Hardware Product Realization

Hardware development and realization is Synapse’s core skillset.  Appliances and custom equipment often have challenging cost, performance, reliability, and form factor requirements.  Our experts work from early product definition through production ramp-up, avoiding the pitfalls commonly associated with hardware product development to deliver functional devices in volume.