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Augmented Reality


Augmented reality will fundamentally change our digital interactions.  An AR renaissance is underway, enabled by significant recent advances in machine vision and AI at the edge as well as optical display technologies.

We are working with clients on next-generation augmented reality devices and technologies that are poised to disrupt human capabilities and experiences.

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AR Glasses
Opto-mechanical integration of next-generation displays and sensors in addition to ultra-low power embedded systems with edge processing and wireless connectivity
Custom AR Hardware
Heads-up displays, projectors, augmented audio interfaces and other custom AR embodiments, combined with algorithms and machine vision designed to enhance the worker or user experience
Custom AR Applications
Rapid development of custom AR experiences, including integration with connected devices, leveraging established mobile devices and libraries
Machine Vision and AI at the edge

AR devices need to understand the environment, provide insights, and respond to users in real time.  This means a significant amount of processing at the edge and appropriately tiering algorithms across local and cloud computing.

Our experts span both embedded systems as well as machine vision and AI.  This combination lets us create custom vision algorithms, such as for object and scene understanding, while also appropriately architecting them for the lowest possible latency and power consumption.

Custom Sensing of Users and Environments

We have been developing novel sensing solutions to track and understand people for years, including biometrics, motion, location, voice, touch, and eye tracking.

To provide critical context to our sensing of users, our teams also have world-class capabilities in novel environmental sensing techniques and tools, including vision systems, acoustics and DSP, wireless, and custom location-tracking technologies.

Seamless and Intuitive Feedback Mechanisms

Wearable devices need to go beyond sensing users—they need to also provide intuitive feedback to them in real time.

We have expertise interfacing with the human senses, using tools spanning from the latest display technologies and custom optical systems to audio and haptics.  We also have deep expertise in connecting wearable devices to mobile devices for extending both input and feedback mechanisms.

Ruggedized, Miniaturized, Ergonomic Embodiments

We pack sensing, processing, interaction mechanisms, and wireless connectivity into tiny, beautiful devices that stand up to the abuse of day-to-day life on the body while meeting manufacturability and cost targets.  We have deep expertise in waterproofing, overmolding, and the design of compliant electronic systems. We can also achieve exceptionally-low power consumption levels to enable minimal battery and volumetric needs.

World-Leading Wireless Capabilities

For futuristic applications where AR will be truly contextually aware, even more data will need to be gathered, processed, and passed back and forth with the cloud.

Our world-class wireless team can tackle even the toughest challenges in connectivity, throughput, charging, and security, no matter the protocol, target, or constraint.  We have especially-deep expertise with Bluetooth for mobile connectivity, including software libraries and tools to speed development.