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Connected Device Systems


Ubiquitous sensors and connected devices are creating vital digitization opportunities and potential service models for organizations embracing their potential.

Synapse creates holistic Internet of Things (IoT) systems—software and user interfaces working seamlessly in concert with devices and the physical world.  We combine our extensive hardware expertise with the latest in mobile and cloud connectivity as well as systems engineering, algorithm development, and digital security to design and deliver custom connected ecosystems with utility and commercial impact.

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Industrial Internet of Things
Increasing the utility and usability of devices from industrial monitoring and fleet management to preventative maintenance
Connected Health
Building upon expertise across regulated medical devices and consumer products to create health monitoring wearables and feedback systems.
Consumer Device Systems
Providing utility to consumers by leveraging connectivity to enable insights, ease of use, social dynamics, and more.
Connected Home Devices
Custom devices that add additional utility and seamless interaction through connectivity.
Hardware Product Realization

Hardware development is at the core of Synapse. Connected devices often have challenging cost, power, performance, and form factor constraints.  Our experts work from end to end, avoiding the pitfalls commonly associated with hardware product development to deliver functional connected devices in volume that support broader digital ambitions.

Holistic software system architectures

Our deep expertise in connected hardware and software ecosystem development enable us to define architectures that meet both technical and business success criteria, including system-level power, data volume, computation tradeoffs, and critical aspects such as privacy and security.

Our teams efficiently prototype and deliver full, working connected ecosystems, choosing existing platforms and tools where appropriate and building custom elements as needed.  Our independence means clients get the best solution, not a product we’re pushing.

World-Leading Wireless

Our world-class team can tackle even the toughest connected device wireless challenges from bandwidth to latency to security.

We specialize in both custom antenna design for connected products as well as RF system architecture, including established and custom protocols as well as cellular and satellite communications.

Algorithms and Business Intelligence

Connectivity isn’t the goal in and of itself—for both enhanced consumer experiences as well as valuable business intelligence, our data scientists and AI experts deliver insights from the raw data IoT systems unlock.

By architecting at the system level, we can make informed design decisions with respect to tiering algorithms across devices, gateways, and the cloud to optimize cost, latency, and other key factors.

Rapid Ecosystem Application and UX Development

Proven expertise enabling connectivity and communication between devices and to the cloud, including our own in-house BLE communication library, Neuron, and debugging tool, BlueSee.

We rapidly prototype end-to-end experiences across web, mobile, and desktop apps to iterate and accelerate time to market.  Our teams have experience building atop AWS, GCP, Azure, and other cloud platforms to rapidly deploy and scale applications.

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