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Human-Digital Interfaces


As digital innovation explodes, the interface between people and the digital world is undergoing an equally impactful transformation.  Innovative companies are leading the way by making it simpler and more efficient for people to interact with technology, enabling innovative services and business models.

Whether you aspire to launch a breakthrough product or to significantly improve your operating efficiency, the latest in sensing, machine learning, and user interfaces like voice, haptics, and gestures will enable you to capitalize on the game-changing trends of physical-digital interfaces.


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Natural Interfaces
Incorporating voice and gestures to make digital interactions more seamless
Human Recognition & Understanding
Identification with techniques like facial recognition as well as recognition of traits and emotions
Contextual Awareness
Understanding and leveraging environmental information, user digital footprints, biometrics and more to deliver value
Sensory User Feedback
Going beyond screens to engage users—from haptics to audio to novel visual feedback mechanisms
Advanced Voice Interfaces

Voice User Interfaces (VUIs) are increasingly being embedded into devices and systems in novel ways. Our teams have the audio, signal processing, and embedded AI capabilities to integrate voice technology into highly constrained scenarios and harsh noisy environments. We work closely with leading technology suppliers in sensing, DSP, and acoustics, and we are an Alexa Voice Services Consulting and Professional Services (CPS) provider. 


Custom Sensing of Users and Environments

We have been developing novel sensing solutions to enable human-machine interaction for years, including facial recognition and analysis, biometrics, motion, location, touch, and eye tracking. These technologies enable new applications in activity and gesture recognition, custom location tracking, and context-enabled voice interfaces.

Powerful Algorithms at the Edge

To keep pace with users and efficiently make sense of huge amounts of data from arrays of sensors, our teams encompass both embedded system specialists as well as algorithm and machine learning experts.  This combination lets us run low-power, low-latency algorithms on edge devices as well as tiered algorithms that reduce reliance on the cloud.

With sophisticated algorithms, we can detect and recognize gestures, objects of interest, voices, vitals, and even more complex aspects of users like emotion.

Seamless and Intuitive Feedback Mechanisms

Digital interfaces need to go beyond sensing users—they need to also provide intuitive feedback to them in real time.

We have expertise interfacing with the human senses, using tools spanning from the latest display technologies and custom optical systems to audio and haptics.

Ruggedized, Miniaturized, Ergonomic Embodiments

We pack functionality into tiny, beautiful devices that stand up to the trials of day-to-day life on the body while meeting manufacturability and cost targets.  We help our navigate clients through optimization of these system elements and tradeoffs.

We enable ergonomics and usability to dictate the product form by optimizing architecture, power consumption, and packaging.  We work through factory transition and validation to ensure successful production despite pushing the boundaries.

World-Changing Wireless Capabilities

The cloud is where the digital world is progressing at an unprecedented pace, so interfaces need to tap into it and push data back to it without tethering users.  Our world-class wireless team can tackle even the toughest challenges in connectivity, throughput, charging, and security, no matter the protocol, target, or constraint.