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Industrial Automation


Decreasing labor availability, increasing operational costs, tightening regulations, and growing market demands are driving businesses to invest in automation while looking to deliver the most innovative, competitive products and services.

With the increasing availability and decreasing cost of several technologies that were previously unrealistic to implement, automation in manufacturing and logistics continues to push the boundary between fantasy and reality. Enabling business innovation in this space requires the technical capabilities and systems-based approach we deliver.

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Custom Environmental Sensing

Reliable environmental sensing is critical for automated systems that must safely operate in close proximity with users, the environment, and other systems.

Our teams have world-class expertise in optical and vision systems, 3D holographic radar, acoustics, DSP, wireless systems, and custom location-tracking technologies, all of which helps us design and implement advanced sensing systems.

Control Systems and Artificial Intelligence

Industrial automation often involves complex choreography of activities, with each part of the system requiring the correct inputs from other parts.  Multiple streams of complex sensor data must be processed efficiently to support dependable control.

Our expertise in machine vision for trained object detection and recognition and machine learning application to control systems allows us to address real-world challenges with automation systems.

Machine and Drive System Design

Automation systems often have challenging cost, speed, accuracy, and reliability requirements and tradeoffs.  Our mechatronics and machine design experts deliberately conceive holistic architectures for automation systems that balance these tradeoffs, bringing together the right structures, drives, sensors, power supplies, and other components needed to reliably interact with people and the environment.

Hardware Product Realization

Complex automation systems present difficult tradeoffs and integration challenges across multiple disciplines of engineering.  Hardware development and realization is Synapse’s core skill set—our experts work from early product definition through fabrication, assembly, and validation, avoiding pitfalls and delivering functional, integrated systems.  We work with clients to ensure these systems achieve desired KPIs when performing in their real-world operating environments.