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Transport and Mobility


Mobility and transportation businesses are experiencing revolutionary changes.  Advances in sensing, machine learning, and AI are unlocking use cases and solutions previously relegated to science fiction films—from autonomous trucks to drone delivery.  Companies willing to innovate in these areas can significantly streamline their operations, displace long standing incumbents, and capture massive market share.

Futuristic experiences and systems in this space require deep expertise in sensing, AI, robotics, and systems engineering—a perfect blend of our multidisciplinary skills.

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Custom Sensing of Users and Environments

Reliable environmental sensing is critical for autonomous systems that must safely operate in close proximity with users, the environment, and other systems.

Our teams have world-class expertise in optical and vision systems, 3D holographic radar, acoustics, DSP, wireless systems, and custom location-tracking technologies, all of which helps us design and implement advanced sensing systems.

Control Systems and Artificial Intelligence

Sensor data generated by transport & mobility systems must be processed efficiently and reliably to recognize and address anomalies and errors, and to deliver sound and timely inputs to decision-making subsystems.

Our expertise in machine vision for trained object detection and recognition, machine learning-based control systems, and damaged image reconstruction allows us to address real-world environmental challenges with autonomous systems.  To address the challenges of latency and connectivity, we have deep expertise in real-time embedded systems and edge processing.

Mobility and Actuation System Design

Transport and mobility systems often have challenging cost, power, performance, reliability, and form factor requirements and tradeoffs.  Our mechatronics and machine design experts deliberately conceive holistic architectures for robotic systems that balance these tradeoffs, bringing together the right structures, actuators, drives, sensors, power supplies, and other components needed to reliably interact with the physical world.

Our expertise spans from miniaturized, low-power systems optimized for cost in consumer electronics, up to large-scale, high-power machines in areas like industrial automation and transportation.

User Interfaces and Experiences

Our expertise in consumer device development naturally extends to the creation of user experiences needed for market differentiation of transport and mobility systems.

Custom wireless and mobile device integration, gesture interfaces and anticipation of user needs for zero UI experiences, and mass customization are all features our team can unlock to differentiate the user experience.

Hardware Product Realization

Hardware development and realization is Synapse’s core skillset.  Complex transport and mobility systems present challenging tradeoffs between cost, performance, and user experience.  Our experts work from early product definition through production ramp-up, avoiding the pitfalls commonly associated with hardware product development to deliver functional devices in volume.