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Virtual Reality


The immersive experience and potential of VR is revolutionizing much more than the gaming and entertainment applications most of us associate it with today.  Uses in areas like telematics, real estate, journalism, medicine, and worker training are all emerging rapidly alongside entertainment.

Our team has developed tracking systems, trackable objects, controllers, and HMDs for top VR hardware companies and ambitious clients looking to leverage VR in new ways.  We bring expertise across optics, machine vision, and wearable product development to enable new applications, services, and opportunities with VR.

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Head Mounted VR Displays
Tracked video display and audio interfaces combined with low-latency communications and ergonomics, including high-speed, high-bandwidth wireless communications
VR Tracking Systems
Outside-in optical tracking systems, plus sensor fusion and algorithm development for inside-out tracking systems with the accuracy and responsiveness required for VR.
VR Controllers & Tracked Objects
Modeling and integration of SteamVR optical sensors and electronics, plus wireless connectivity and custom interaction mechanisms for novel VR applications in gaming, training, and more...
Tracking System Technologies

We have developed both outside-in optical tracking systems as well as inside-out sensing and algorithms for precise, low-latency VR applications.  We developed the SteamVR reference hardware and have been Valve’s official trainer for companies looking to use SteamVR tracking in novel applications.  We’ve presented on VR tracking at SXSW and Augmented World Expo (AWE)

Ruggedized, Miniaturized, Ergonomic Products

We pack functionality into small, beautiful devices that stand up to the trials of day-to-day use while helping our clients navigate through optimization of these system elements and tradeoffs to meet manufacturability and cost targets.

Our ability to achieve exceptionally-low power levels, shrink battery needs, and apply our world-leading packaging expertise enables the form to be dictated by ergonomics and usability.  Despite pushing the boundaries, we work through the factory transition and validation to ensure successful production.

Cutting-edge Machine Vision

Enabling mixed-reality experiences using VR requires awareness of the user’s environment for pass-through applications and injection of real-world objects into virtual worlds.

Our machine vision experts have developed low-latency algorithms for object recognition, pose estimation, and scene understanding to drive these next-generation mixed reality use cases.

Multidisciplinary Integration and Iteration

VR products are tightly-coupled systems necessitating expertise and collaboration across mechanical, electrical, RF, layout, software, and test engineering disciplines.  

Synapse has experts in all of these fields, accustomed to working together in our offices, enabling fast iteration during development and ensuring integrated, system-level solutions.

Low-Latency Processing and Wireless

For VR and gaming applications in particular, latency is especially important while still pushing the boundaries of video and audio quality.  We have developed systems to optimize latency with novel encoding and decoding of media and wireless systems.

Our team has the experience with high-frequency RF and custom antenna design to untether HMDs.  We also bring expertise from developing many body-worn connected devices to the antenna design and link optimization needed for VR HMDs and controllers operating in close proximity to the user’s body.

Display Technology and Optical Engineering

Our applied sciences group includes optical physicists and engineers focused on opto-mechanical integration to enable boundary-pushing displays and sensors as well as integration of off-the-shelf optical elements into innovative systems.

We aim to understand the underlying optical physics of a problem to deliver solutions that optimize the overall system for the governing design constraints—power, size, cost, and environment.