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World experts in developing novel devices that live on the body

The most personal devices are the ones we wear—sensing and understanding us as well as providing valuable input and feedback.  Innovative companies are pushing the boundaries of what can be sensed, understood, and provided as novel services to users for specific activities as well as throughout all-day use.

We deliver success for our clients by packing advanced sensing, edge processing, and wireless connectivity into tiny, beautiful devices that stand up to the environmental difficulties of life on the body.

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Sports & Fitness
Providing utility to athletes with biometric sensing, algorithms, and feedback
Health & Medical
Improving health outcomes, patient experience, and enabling preventative care
Enhancing user experiences with wearable audio, video, and haptics
Immersive Ecosystems
Enabling seamless connected venue systems and experiences with custom wearable devices
Ruggedized, Miniaturized, Ergonomic Products

We pack functionality into tiny, beautiful devices that stand up to the trials of day-to-day life on the body while meeting manufacturability and cost targets.  We help our clients navigate through optimization of these system elements and tradeoffs.

We enable ergonomics and usability to dictate the product form.  We do this by achieving exceptionally-low power levels and shrinking battery needs as well as using our world-leading expertise in overmolding electronics, waterproofing, soft-good integration, and the design of flexible electronic systems.  We work through factory transition and validation to ensure successful production despite pushing the boundaries.

Powerful Algorithms at the Edge

To keep pace with users and efficiently make sense of huge amounts of data from arrays of sensors, our teams include both embedded system specialists as well as algorithm and machine learning experts.  This combination lets us run low-power, low-latency algorithms on wearable devices as well as in tiered algorithms using cloud computing and storage when appropriate.

With sophisticated algorithms, we can detect and recognize gestures, objects of interest, voices, vitals, and even more complex aspects of users like emotion.

Custom Sensing of Users and Environments

We have been developing novel sensing solutions to track and understand people for years, including biometrics, motion, location, voice, touch, and eye tracking.  Our teams also have world-class capabilities in novel environmental sensing techniques and tools, including vision systems, acoustics and DSP, wireless, and custom location-tracking technologies.

We implement these sensing systems in small packages that can be manufactured in volume at consumer price points.

World-leading Wireless Capabilities

Wearables provide the most utility to users when they are connected to mobile devices and the cloud.  Our world-class wireless team can tackle even the toughest challenges in connectivity, throughput, charging, certification, and security, no matter the protocol, target, or constraint.  We have modeled, designed, produced, and tested antennas all over the human body, including watches, earbuds, apparel, and footwear.

We have especially-deep expertise with Bluetooth for mobile connectivity, including software libraries and tools to speed development.

Seamless and Intuitive Feedback Mechanisms

Wearable devices need to go beyond sensing users—they need to also provide intuitive feedback to them in real time.

We have expertise interfacing with the human senses, using tools spanning from the latest display technologies and custom optical systems to audio and haptics.  We also have deep expertise in connecting wearable devices to mobile devices for extending both input and feedback mechanisms.

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